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 Many years ago, when I was first experimenting with painting, I borrowed a library book by the Artist E John Robinson called Masterclass in Seascape Painting. I had always loved the sea, but had no idea how to capture its complexity and movement in a realistic way. The book opened my eyes to the basic techniques of seascape painting, and set me on a path which has brought me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction over the last 25 years. I’d highly recommend Robinson’s books and DVD’s to anyone interested in studying this subject, and also the DVD’s of Byron Pickering, another great painter. Recently I’ve come across another very fine marine artist and tutor, Alan Kingwell, who I plan to feature on the site at some stage.

Marine painting is a distinctive form of art, and there are active Marine Artist Schools and Societies in many countries, such as the UK, North America, Canada and Australia. It seems strange that so little attention has been paid to the sea in the island of Ireland.

I’ve always loved art, but have never worked as a full time painter, although I did run my own corporate art business, Medici Art, for a number of years in the 1990’s. I’ve been working for most of my career as a Career and
Enterprise Consultant, and continue painting on a part-time basis.

I’m keen to develop my art more actively and would welcome opportunities to co-operate with other seascape artists through joint exhibitions, digital media and other projects. I’d like to feature the works of other artists on the site and will include guest galleries and artist profiles over time.

If you’re active as a seascape artist, and paint or exhibit in Ireland, please contact me.

I’d also like to include a list of Art Galleries who are interested in exhibiting Marine Art. If you are a gallery owner and would like to be listed please contact me.


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